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Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Upside Potential With No Losses

If you’re looking for insurance that offers the flexibility of universal life and a cash account with higher growth potential, you might want indexed universal life insurance. Indexed universal life, or IUL,  gives you a chance to experience some of the upsides of the stock market while limiting risks.

While that may sound simple, there are lots of options, fees, and forecasts to understand. Since IUL ties cash value to the stock market, it comes with more ups and downs than other types of life insurance. But for a savvy investor looking for a policy with a higher-touch investment arm, indexed universal life could be the perfect fit.


Will and Power of Attorney Creation

LegalShield |IDShield

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  • Personal Plans

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  • Small Business Plans

    Make sure your company has the help it needs with document reviews, debt collection, and more.

  • Start a Business

    Launch by LegalShield’s attorneys works with you to get your business started with confidence.