Seniors Deserve to Live Healthy Lifestyles - We Want to Support That

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At Dunlap Financial Services, we believe seniors deserve to live a lifestyle they deserve.

Keeping you healthy is how you will maintain the lifestyle you deserve.

Talk to us about expanded medicare benefits, today!

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

  • Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans work in place of your Part A and Part B Medicare coverage. Benefits include medical expenses, but not prescriptions.

Prescription Drug (Part D)

  • Prescription Drug plans cover prescription needs, but offer no medical coverage.

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (C + D)

  • Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans combine the benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan and a Prescription Drug plan. Benefits include medical expenses and prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplement

  • Medicare Supplement plans help cover gaps in Original Medicare. You may choose to also enroll in a Prescription Drug plan.

*DunlapFS is not affiliated with any governmental entity.

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