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Accomplish any of your 2021 goals using 5 steps

Updated: Jan 17

Each year we should be setting new goals for ourselves. After what we all experienced in 2020, this year isn't just any recent year; if you survived 2020 in itself, that is a huge accomplishment. Take pride in knowing you were able to weather one of the worst global crisis of our lifetime. Those of us fortunate to have grandchildren will someday talk about what we experienced in our families, our careers, our communities, and our country.

In 2020 we nearly lost everything, but in 2021 we will focus on those new paths that opened and how you now have new dreams and goals that breathe new life into your very existence. The hardest part of getting to the next level is knowing what needs to be done and how to get there. While there are many psychological research types to get you where you want to be, the less is more mindset may help you build a sustainable plan. So instead of writing 10 to 20 steps to achievement, let us focus on these five steps.

  1. Setup your target date and begin describing your goals. What do the results look like, and what items, if necessary, are needed to achieve that goal. When should you start? Today! Keep your goals reasonable; while you might not reach them tomorrow, don't create such urgency that you become frustrated.

  2. What are the potential obstacles you can incur, and how will you deal with them? It would be best if you always considered things might not go your way. Are there reasons why you did not pursue these goals in the past? If so, plan for the expected and even the unexpected.

  3. Create a weekly timeline of actions you will take towards achieving your goals. While there will be setbacks, and at times you may experience disappointment, remember that life is full of possibilities. It is possible to achieve your goals in a short period; it is also possible it will take much longer to reach the finish line.


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4. Commit to achieving your goal. Put all of your questions and answers in writing. Sign at the bottom of the list and watch your goals progress every day. Awareness will help you reach the goal you desire. If you need a reminder, reach out to me at info@dunlapfinancialsvc.com; I will personally send you emails to check in on your progress.

5. Share your goals with others without bragging about your target. Share what you are working towards and include your loved ones when possible. The more support you have, the more likely you will stay the course, jump the hurdles, get up when you fall, look forward, don't look back, and don't give up!

Yes, my list is short and sweet; "less is more" is how I streamline complexity. The five steps are doable if you follow the process. I would love to hear about your goals and how you worked to achieve them; who doesn't like a good story 😁


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