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Here at Dunlap Financial Services, we always put our clients first, making sure their needs are met. If you are looking for an honest, trustworthy opinion about Dunlap Financial Services and the way we conduct our insurance services, read on to see what our customers had to say about working with us. We are always pleased to receive reviews from our satisfied clients.

I have always been the type of person who would remain complacent and comfortable with knowing the things I know and never interested in change. Knowing how important life insurance is, I kept the same policy with my former insurance company for 15 years. I never knew how policies work or how they could help benefit and support myself and my family. My life and my family’s life changed for the best when i was introduced to Dunlap Financial Services. His team sat down with me and explained all my options in detail. I was provided the educational knowledge needed to ensure that my family would be protected. DFS provided professional and prompted services.

Angela Brooks


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